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Elongated Toilet Seat White Adjustable Length

Elongated Toilet Seat White Adjustable Length


  • ELONGATED SIZE : Fit only oval toilet bowls. Warning : check carefully the size needed before purchasing, this white toilet seat measures 17.5″L x 14.7″W
  • FIT ALL AMERICAN TOILET BRANDS : Soft and comfortable, with zinc hinges. Withstand a weight of 400 pounds, moisture-proof and waterproof
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH : 360 degrees rotation zinc hinges. Ideal for adjusting the space between the hinges (from 5.31 to 7.28 inches) and for increasing the length of the toilet seat from 17.5 to 18.5-Inch!
  • EASY INSTALLATION : Don’t spend your day installing it; with detailed instructions , this toilet seat will be set up in no time
  • QUALITY : Made of molded wood with a beveled edge, with rust-free zinc hinges. The clear coat enamel offers durability and a nice glossy finish. 4 bottom grip-tight bumpers will protect your toilet seat from damage
  • TIPS : Don’t know if you need a round or elongated seat? Measure your toilet from the center of the mounting hole to the front of the toilet bowl. If you have16.5, you need a round toilet seat, if you have 17.5, choose an elongated seat

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While we may not give a lot of importance to the toilet, it tends to be where many people spend a lot of time during the day. This Elongated Toilet Seat White brings the fun, quality and design you were looking for!

Toilet bowls generally come in two standard shapes: elongated and round. To find out which toilet seat you need, measure the length of the bowl. Find the center between the seat bolts and measure to the outside edge of the front of the bowl.

A round bowl will be about 16.5 inches, an elongated bowl between 17.5 and 18.5 inches. We offer both elongated and round sizes, in various colors and styles. It’s never been so easy to pair your toilet seat with your current bathroom design!

Moreover, all our toilet seats features four bumpers on the bottom of the seat. It hold it in place during use and prevent unwanted shifting that could damage the hinges. Our wooden toilet seats are easy to clean and to install.

Simply clean with mild soapy water to keep your seats looking great for years to come. Also, this oval seat for toilet features a water-resistant coating to help prevent the wood from absorbing moisture over time.

In conclusion, this classic white design brings calm and serenity in your bathroom. Perfect seat for guest rooms and Airbnb locations! Add a timeless decor to your toilet and enjoy a durable elongated toilet seat for years. Imported from France, Made in China

Additional information

Weight 6.9 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 14.7 × 2 in



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