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Braided Cotton/Polyester Rope Door Curtain 54 Strings 79” H x 36” W Off-White

Braided Cotton/Polyester Rope Door Curtain 54 Strings 79” H x 36” W Off-White


  • NATURAL TOUCH: Made from cotton and polyester, this braided rope door curtain is the perfect solution to bring naturalness to any room. 3 colors available: Off-white, natural or gray
  • INDOOR-OUTDOOR: Use this versatile door curtain inside or outside. Place it over an existing door, a window or a background, as a closet curtain or room divider
  • HOME PROTECTION: Featuring 56 strands, this durable door curtain prevents flies and mosquitoes from entering. It lets in air and light while bringing privacy
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This twisted door curtain arrives fully assembled. It comes with 2 sliding hooks at the top of a light gray plastic track. 2 screws not included will be needed to complete the installation
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Dimensions of 79″ H x 36″ W (200 cm x 90cm), the cords can be cut with a scissor to adjust the height
  • WARNING: To the extent that they can form loops in which they are likely to be bound, cords must be out of reach of young children. Check regularly that they do not form dangerous loops to avoid any risk of strangulation

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This off-white braided rope door curtain is ideal to preserve your privacy. Besides, it promotes thermal protection and reduces the entrance of flying insects. Suitable for decorating an opening or separating a room, this twisted rope door curtain will bring the finishing touch to your decoration. Created for intensive passages, it always come back in place! Equally important, this durable cotton and polyester curtain will last for years! Its coiled design and sober color give naturalness to your interior and comfort in the house. Designed in France, made in China.
Also, this woven door curtain is adjustable in height. Cut it to the size you want! Installed in the blink of an eye, this door curtain will make the room look more comfortable. Cords can be a deadly danger for children, especially the youngest ones. For this reason, keep cords out of the reach of young children to avoid strangulation and entanglement. Choose this braided door curtain to improve your décor and make your space warmer. Imported from France, Made in China

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 36 × 0.8 in



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