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Adjustable Ceiling Curtain Rod Chrome – Mount Support for Bathtub or Shower Curtain Rod – 24.3″ L x 1″ D x 2.6″ W

Adjustable Ceiling Curtain Rod Chrome – Mount Support for Bathtub or Shower Curtain Rod – 24.3″ L x 1″ D x 2.6″ W


  • BATHROOM SUPPORT ENHANCEMENT: Adds robust vertical support for shower curtain rods with a stylish chrome finish, combining utility and design in your bathroom
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH CUSTOMIZATION: Extendable bar allows for precise length modification with a simple cut, offering a tailored fit for any bathroom configuration
  • UNIVERSAL 1-INCH ROD COMPATIBILITY: Expertly crafted to fit standard 1-inch diameter shower rods, ensuring a secure and stable curtain setup
  • COMPREHENSIVE INSTALLATION KIT: Supplied with all essential mounting accessories and easy-to-follow instructions for quick and efficient installation
  • VERSATILE SUPPORT SYSTEM: Ideal for reinforcing shower curtains and bathtub enclosure rods. Thus, providing reliable support across various applications
  • CEILING BAR VS. CEILING CABLE STRENGTH: Superior in strength and longevity, our ceiling-mounted rod holder outperforms traditional ceiling cables, ensuring a durable and sag-free experience
  • COORDINATED AESTHETIC APPEAL: Engineered for a visually pleasing appearance, the ceiling clamp and rod feature a cohesive design that complements your bathroom’s existing style

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Discover the chrome ceiling-mounted adjustable shower rod holder!

It’s an outstanding choice for ensuring your shower curtain rod stays firmly in place.

This adjustable ceiling rod support not only secures your curtain rod. It also brings a modern flair and practicality to your bathroom decor.

Carefully designed, this holder is compatible with standard shower rods of 1 inch in diameter. Its stability-enhancing feature makes it ideal for various bathroom styles.

The sleek chrome finish of our Rod-Holder effortlessly complements your bathroom’s existing scheme. The ceiling clamp, crafted in durable chrome, ensures a consistent and sophisticated look.

Additionally, the adjustable-length feature adds customization. You can modify the rod’s length as needed. The rod extends to 23 5/8 inches. With a standard saw, you can easily adjust it to fit perfectly.

This chrome ceiling-mounted holder suits universal 1-inch diameter shower rods. It’s the finishing touch your bathroom needs. It brings together your bathroom’s design elements.

Each package includes all necessary mounting hardware. Anchors and screws are provided. The included detailed installation guide makes setup straightforward.

But that’s not all. Beyond its primary purpose, this rod-holder also supports extended bathtub rods. Its versatility suits multiple bathroom layouts.

In summary, this holder is perfect for diverse bathrooms. Its chrome finish and adjustable design offer elegance and functionality. Installation is simple.

It’s a key piece for a stylish, well-equipped bathroom.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 24.3 × 1 × 2.6 in



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