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Wooden Heart Clip Big Size Amore Set of 2

Wooden Heart Clip Big Size Amore Set of 2


  • SIMPLE & ELEGANT APPEARANCE: Perfect for the family using, especially for the bedroom and living room. These wooden heart shaped clips cater to any style of curtains. Simple to hold the curtain in any position without breaking your bricks. Beautiful and elegant curtain tiebacks, these nice curtain accessories make your life easier. Sold by set of 2
  • EASY TO USE: Our stylish curtain tiebacks is a new way to hold back your drapery without tools, screws or hooks. Suitable for every mode curtain. The spring opening can hold your curtain or drape tightly without having to be connected to a wall. Just clip it on the curtain or drape. With beautiful design, these drape tie backs add a touch of elegance to almost any existing deco. Dimensions: 2.4″L x 2.5″W x 1.12″D
  • SWIVEL CLAWLESS CLIP: Add elegance to your home and do not damage your curtain thanks to its clawless clip. Accessorize your curtains as you want with this swivel clip and orient it the best way, under or on the side of your curtain and keep the design straight. Written love message on top: Home is where Love is. 3 colors available: natural, white gold, grey white
  • EASY CARE: Clean with a damp cloth. Not machine washable. ,
  • NO INSTALLATION: No drilling, no screws, no tools required. You will be able to hold your curtains with ease. The clip curtain tiebacks are the perfect solution for keeping curtains open while not damaging the wall like hooks or traditional curtain tie backs. You can use clip tiebacks without any hardware or accessories. These tiebacks make it easy to allow light into any room. Material: Wood

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For those who want more than a curtain to make the home decoration more beautiful, you have more options than a curtain and sheer curtains with our tiebacks. Homdkor offers a variety of curtain tie backs in different models, colors and styles. Although it was thought of as a traditional and old fashioned curtain tool, curtain tie backs are now seen as a modern way of decorating curtains and can contribute to a traditional appearance as well as a modern one. Perfect to use in a variety of places such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, offices and with French doors. Ideal with curtains, sheer curtains, lined blackout curtains, thick shower curtains, wide patio door, as well as sliding door curtains. Curtain tie backs are used to increase light, to make the curtains hang neatly and keep your curtains away from activity in the room. Choose between a variety of models to create a unique atmosphere on your curtains and windows:

  • Twist tiebacks:Twist it into any shape as you like to decorate your home as you wish. No tool needed, no need to attach to the wall.
  • Magnetic tiebacks:Famous for being smooth and anti-rust, it works very well for protecting the draperies. No tool needed, no need to attach to the wall.
  • Cuff tiebacks:Add a modern look to your windows in seconds. Easy to install with its spring opening system hidden at the back of the curtain, no tools are needed, no need to attach to the wall.
  • Hair Circle tiebacks:Inspired by women hair accessories, these round circle tiebacks are easy to install and create a modern atmosphere. No tools are needed, no need to attach to the wall.
  • Textile tiebacks:Ideal to bring a traditional and elegant look to your house, and easy to store on the wall hooks when not in used (curtains closed)
  • Decorative clips:Our curtain clips brighten your curtain and add elegance to your home and do not damage your curtain thanks to its clawless clip. Easy to install, no tool needed, no need to attach to the wall.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to hanging your curtains and styling them. But the process should be fun — not challenging, Homdkor offers a variety of choices that will ease your selection Imported from France, Made in China

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Dimensions 2.4 × 2.5 × 1.12 in



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