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Light Pink Round Floor Trash Can Waste Basket 4.5-liters-1.2-gal

Light Pink Round Floor Trash Can Waste Basket 4.5-liters-1.2-gal


  • SHINY DESIGN: The combination of the shiny light pink and chrome lid of this mini trash can will blow a modern wind to your bathroom decoration!
  • EASY CLEANING and BAG CHANGE: By removing the lid, cleaning this waste bin is really easy. The removable swing lid eases to change the bag and to clean it
  • FIT INTO TIGHT SPACES: With a diameter of 8.8-Inch, a height of 13-Inch and a capacity of 4.5-Liters or 1.2-Gal, this wastebasket is the ideal size for bathroom, kitchen or office use and fits easily in rooms with limited places. The perfect choice for any home’s bathroom or office, this waste basket fits in corners, against the wall – just about anywhere.
  • SWING TOP OPENING: Swinging lid for easy access and to help keep trash discretely hidden and odors contained
  • MATCHING COLLECTION: Complete your decoration with other products of the same collection, like toilet bowl brush, tumbler, soap dispenser or toothbrush holder to name a few.

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“Let’s talk trash. Taking it out is never fun, but a good trash can make the task less of a slog. Keep your home clean with our shiny light pink round floor waste basket. It makes tossing garbage easy, replacing bags painless, and cleaning a cinch.

Trash cans are modest yet crucial to the smooth functioning of a household. Before, people degraded waste bins for being smelly and dirty. But indeed they add a clean look to any bathroom, kitchen, restroom or office, even under a desk.

Also known as a dustbin, garbage can, waste basket, these trash cans are made out of durable PVC. We offer various models, like countertop wastebaskets, open top trash cans or pedal bins with soft close lid. Both functional and aesthetic, you can easily choose your style, color and capacity among our collection.

Since its capacity is 1.2 Gal, it’s best suited to small households or those who take their garbage out frequently. Ideal for those who don’t generate a lot of trash and who need something tucked out of the way.

You can also complete your bathroom trash can light pink with other products of the same SHINY collection. For example, you can add to your selection a matching tumbler, a soap dispenser or a toilet brush.” Imported from France, Made in China

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.8 × 8.8 × 13 in

Light Pink


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