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Bonjour !

Welcome to our Glossary about bathroom accessories.

The Bathroom’s world can be overwhelming if you’re not completely familiar with all the associated terminology. In order to help you navigate through our bathroom collections, accessories, bathmats, furnitures and other bathroom fixtures, Evideco has created this helpful glossary of definitions for some of the most common bathroom-related terms.

We hope you will get all the information needed, if not, click on the ‘contact us’ tab, located on the top right side of our homepage or also at the bottom of the page in ‘Customer Services’ paragraph. Our customer service will help you and reply to any request or demand.



A strong, flex-resistant material, acrylic has a smooth finish that resists chipping and cracking, and is easy to clean.


Bathroom accessories

Additional bathroom items such as tumblers, soap dishes, lotion dispensers, bath mats, shower curtains, etc. to enhance the appearance and decor of bathrooms and toilets. Also includes towel bars, baskets, furnitures, etc.



The storage area of a bathroom vanity featuring drawers and/or interior shelves, or a separate storage unit (wall-mounted or freestanding) used to store bathroom articles such as towels, soap and cosmetics.



A group of bathroom accessories that have the same design style and match each other in their design. Can be used interchangeably in the bathroom while presenting a unified design look. Each collection has a minimum of 16 articles with the same design like toothbrush holders, bath mats, shower curtains, toilet seats, toilet tissue dispenser, etc.



An all natural fiber. 100% cotton will be the softest and most breathable fabric. The quality of cotton is measured by the length of its staple. The longer the staple the more luxurious and durable is the cotton.


Elongated Toilet Seat

A toilet seat having a length of about 16.73-Inch to 17.13-Inch (depending of models) and a width of 14.75-Inch (length from the bottom of the seat hinges to the front edge of the outside rim). Please check carefully the dimensions needed when purchasing a toilet seat, there is a lot of shapes and sizes for this type of product.



A stain or weathering process applied to wood in order to give it a certain color or appearance, for example : ‘ pine finish’ or ‘bamboo finish’



All our toilet seats are supplied with hinges, made of strong plastic or of zinc alloy. Only the elongated toilet seats have adjustable hinges : choose between 3 positions of hinges and it will give you 5 possible lengths for the toilet seat.


Medium-density fibreboard, a man-made sheet material that can be worked like wood and is used as a substitute for it.


Round Toilet Seat

A toilet seat having a length of about 15.47-Inch and a width of 14.37-Inch (length from the bottom of the seat hinges to the front edge of the outside rim). Please check carefully the dimensions needed when purchasing a toilet seat, there is a lot of shapes and sizes for this type of product.



A material made from vitreous or semi-vitreous ceramic made primarily from stoneware clay or non-refractory fire clay, typically used for bathroom vanity sinks and countertops accessories. Stoneware is fired at high temperatures. It is nonporous and so does not need a glaze.

Towel Hook

A wall-mounted hook for towels, often available in single or double hook configurations (to screw or with suction cups). Commonly used for hand towels near the sink, and for larger towels in bathrooms without sufficient wall space for towel bars.


Towel Stand Two Bars

Two rods on the same towel bar accessory so that two towels can be hung, one in front of the other, with sufficient distance between them to facilitate the drying of the towels and to enable an easy removal of one towel without pulling the other one off the rod.



Refers to bathroom vanities, mirrors, accessories and storage cabinets that must be installed on a vertical wall rather than stood on a horizontal surface